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/ Галерея / Banner Saga 2 / Концептуальные рисунки / Folka
Folka is a shieldmaiden, gets involved in combat up close and personal, is a true force to be reckoned with and is our first female melee character.

Folka’s size, mind for strategy, and gall make her the unofficial second-in-command of the Ravens, the infamous mercenaries led by the last varl berserk, Bolverk. From a frozen region where a family’s worth is measured daily by the trees they fell, Folka knows hardship and loss better than most, yet still finds reason to fight on. As the only human alive who has challenged Bolverk’s orders and gained his trust, the other mercenaries go to her to make requests. Her strong personality keeps most of the men around her at arm's-length,whether she wants that or not.
Просмотров: 261 | Размеры: 639x590px/316.8Kb
Дата: 21.01.2016 | Теги: Stoic Studio, Banner Saga 2, Banner Saga, инди, kickstarter | Добавил: Протей
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