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[Bloom: Memories] Interview with Dani Landers

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"No one really knows when the remnants of the past began to stir, when they decided to reclaim a world that had moved on long ago.

For many years they had encroached on our lands, slowly driving us back as their corruption spread. Their strength was overwhelming and even I and the other guardians were helpless to stop them, though many of us died trying. At the front of the assault were their skeletal machines, abominations of hollow souls and metal….of which they had a seemingly endless supply. You see, this is a battle of attrition, and it is a battle we are losing.

Though rumors abound, what is known for certain is at the heart of the corruption are the Eternal. Men? Machines? Perversions of life.

It was there amongst the Eternal that one day a mysterious woman escaped. She too was an abomination, but I could feel she was somehow different and in frantic desperation. So I reached out and called to her, offering her refuge in our forest.

It was once she arrived that I realized why she had seemed so different. Somehow inside her grew new life, and she couldn't stand her child being twisted into the monsters which attacked us.

We worked quickly gathering pieces of the fallen machines to house her child’s life, and in the end were successful. She gave birth. Though her child was flawed and weak, he was alive … and that is where our story begins".

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M'aiq can travel fast across the land. Some lazy types take carriages. It is all the same to M'aiq.

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